Sign Up to Get Your Notification Reminders

Congratulations!!! 😎😎😎

After you have downloaded the app to your phone or tablet:

Step 1 – Enable your phone or tablet to accept reminder notifications. (iPhones)

Step 2 – Please sign up here to enable reminders.
We will be sending emoji-rich notifications to your phone to remind you to replace, change, and wear your elastics 4 times per day.

Smile-tastic Registration

As a new Smile-tastic! user, you are required to register. Please complete the form below.
    This application is safe for use by people all ages. For subscribers under 18 years of age we request acknowledgement that a Parent or Guardian over 18 years of age approves the use of this reminder application or that the user assumes responsibility for permissions. This app will use a small amount of data to supply 4 daily push notifications to remind audiences to change or replace their elastics through out each day that the application is in use. Once you are done using the app or after your braces have been removed simply delete the app from your phone or tablet. - Thank you

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